Customer Avatar: A Detailed Guide for Quality Leads (With Free Template)

Customer avatar

Defining Customer Avatar is a necessity to grow any business. According to a study by,

It takes an average of 18 calls to connect with a buyer.

Why is it so?

It is because the new businesses nowadays don’t know who their target audience is? If you have an expensive product of $2000, you can’t pitch it to a person whose disposable income is $500.

Let’s deep down in User Persona / Customer Avatar.

What is Customer Avatar?

Customer Avatar or Buyer Persona is the ideal profile of your target audience. In simple words, it refers to the perfect person whom you want to sell your products or services.

For example, imagine you want to sell wooden furniture. It’s not enough to know that your target customer is an adult. You have to define your target audience, which can go like this:

Gender: Male

Age: 25+ Years Old

Occupation: Must be working.

Relationship: Probably Married.

Monthly Income: 40,000+

Why he wanted to buy: He might be shifting to a new house or want to upgrade his old furniture.

What issues is he facing: The new furniture might be expensive, or it is of inappropriate size.

You can dive deep into it by actually putting a picture of your targeted customer and by defining how he is likely to purchase your product.

What are the types of Customer Avatars?

There are 3 types of User Personas:

  1. Imaginary: In this type, you can imagine your perfect customer. If you have the necessary information about the person, you can fill the rest by mere imagination.
  2. Real: This type of user personas is more credible as you have to research to find these people. You can ask people to fill a questionnaire, or you can have a conversation with your current customers.
  3. Negative: This type is the mirror image of your perfect Customer Avatar. These are the people whom you don’t want to sell.

Download this blog as a PDF:

What includes in a Customer Avatar?

An Ideal Customer Avatar consists of all the questions which can help you to see the world with their eyes. The User Persona template is divided into 7 parts which are as follows

1. General Information:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Age of Children (if any)
  • Location

2. Technical information:

  • Occupation
  • Job Title
  • Annual Income
  • Level of Education

3. Goals and Values:

  • Goals (what they want to achieve?)
  • Values (what they are committed to?)

4. Sources of Information:

  • Books/blogs/newspaper they read
  • Website they visit
  • The content they follow on YouTube
  • Preferred communication channels (WhatsApp, Phone call, email)

5. Personal Information:

  • Their Favourite Quote
  • How do they spend their weekends?
  • Which car/bike do they own?

6. Challenges and Pain Points:

  • What are their problems? (why do they want to buy your product?)
  • What are their pain points? (what are they afraid of?)

7. Objections and Roles:

  • Objections (what is stopping them from buying your product?)
  • Roles (is the person you are targeting have the authority to make the purchase decision?)

You will get a piece of in-depth information about your impeccable customer if you can answer all these questions.

How can you find these details?

social media

It is not difficult to find this information. All you need to do is research.

You can find all the particulars from their Social Media handles like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, or their website.

Remark the pictures they are posting, the food they are eating (don’t break down to their home), how does he/she commute, send them a questionnaire, and you will get a clear picture of your buyer persona.

How to use customer avatar information?

Marketing aims to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself.

– Peter Drucker

Your role as a businessman or marketer is to help people by solving their problems. It’s not about you; it’s all about them!

You won Half of the battle after getting the details of your supreme customer. Now, what to do with this information?

By defining your customer buyer persona, you can pitch your ideal client with personalized advertisements.

At the moment, you know who do you want to sell and what are the questions do they have. You have to continue the conversion which is already going on in their head.

Write like you are talking to your friend. Answer all their queries in your Ad Copy. There is a high probability that your other potential customers also have the same objections and concerns.

You know the Social Media channels where they hang out, which you can use to run ads. You can also use their qualification and the books they read to improve the content quality in your Ad Copy.

Negative Customer Avatar

A negative avatar is the exact opposite of your customer avatar. These are the individuals who will not purchase your product at any cost.

Example: If you have a high-end ceramic coating that you sell for big yachts, there is no sense of showing those ads to school students or teenagers.

Therefore, just like your ideal user persona, you should also create your negative user or customer avatars.

Why should you create Customer Avatars?

user persona

Creating user personas will help you in growing your business in a variety of ways.

If you know your target customer, you can read their mind.

By going deep down, you will get to know what is triggering them to purchase your product or which issues are resisting them to enter your store. If it’s price, quality, size or amount, you can upgrade accordingly.

Is there any harm in showing ads to negative user personas as it will only increase your brand reach?

Showing Ads to a broader audience will increase your brand reach, but simultaneously it will increase your cost per conversion and cost per lead. Again, it will increase the spam score of your ad, and you will end up paying a lot more to acquire your exemplary customer.

It’s well known that: if everyone is our audience, no one is your audience.

Free Ideal Customer Avatar Template:

customer avatar template

Example of Customer Avatar:

Considering yourself as a Digital Marketing Trainer, let’s define your Supreme Customer Avatar.

General Information:

  • Name- Andrina D Pattinson
  • Gender- Female
  • Age- 36
  • Marital status- Married
  • Age of Children– 2 (Age 3&5)
  • Location- Gurugram, India

Technical information:

  • Occupation– Digital Marking
  • Job Title– CEO
  • Annual Income- $150,000
  • Level of Education– College Graduation
  • Other– Spends time looking for talent on LinkedIn

Goals and Values:

GOALS- Andrina wants to:

  • Increase agency business
  • Scale her income
  • Increase the capabilities of her team

VALUES– Andrina is committed to:

  • Professional development for her and her employees
  • Providing benefits to her clients
  • Using “white hat” marketing principles

Sources of Information:

  • Books- Think and Grow Rich
  • Blogs- Brien Dean, Social Fresh
  • Newspaper- Economic Times, The Hindu
  • The content she follows on YouTube- Garry Vee
  • Preferred communication channel- Email

Personal Information:

  • Favorite Quote– “I surround myself with people smarter than me.”
  • Weekends– Attending Summit and Business Conferences.
  • Car– BMW X5

Challenges and Pain Points:

CHALLENGES– Andrina is challenged with:

  • Scaling her agency business.
  • Finding, training and retaining top marketing talent.
  • Keep her marketing skills sharp while being CEO.

PAIN POINTS– Andrina’s pain points are:

  • Fear of losing business to competitors.
  • Fear of her agency falling behind the Digital Marketing scene.

Objections and Roles:


  • Does the training fit an existing service or a new service she can offer to her clients?
  • How long she and her team member will be “out of pocket” doing the training?
  • How does she know if her team member learned?


  • Andrina is the decision-maker. She buys Digital Marketing training to keep herself and her team sharp.
  • She isn’t worried about the price point if she knows the training will give her and her team an edge in the marketplace.

With this, you know what you have to do to pitch her for your marketing training services.

Customer Avatar in Digital Marketing:

Are you aware that just like any other industry, User Personas are widely used in Digital marketing as well?

Every business works on sales funnel and to shift users from one funnel to another; you need to know where they stand. If they are already aware of the services you are offering, you will put them in the Consideration stage instead of the Awareness stage. This planned shift will change your Email Marketing and marketing strategy accordingly.

In essence, from Keyword research to selling a product, defining customer avatar can be your business savior. Define at least 5 ideal customer personas for both categories (positive and negative) and target them with personalized ads and emails. This process will eventually boost your business with quality leads.

So, what are your views about Customer Avatar? Is it vital as it sounds?

Do let me know in the comment section below.

Ten un buen día!

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Customer avatar

Customer Avatar: A Detailed Guide for Quality Leads (With Free Template)

Defining Customer Avatar is a necessity to grow any business. According to a study by, It takes an average ...
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