How to move a prospect through Customer Value Journey Funnel?

Customer Value Journey

Moving a prospect through a Customer Value Journey is not an easy endeavour. Every business person is craving for sales, but how to achieve those sales? How to turn a prospect into a loyal brand lover?

Most of the business owners know about the sales funnel, but they lack to answer these questions;

Which content can we use to move a prospect into a funnel?

Which platforms can ease the movement?

What should be the campaign goal? And so on!

The content and campaign goals are different for each stage of the value journey.

After finding the ideal customer avatar, this framework is constructive for understanding marketing.

When you met someone for the first time, you never ask them to name their future children. Right? You have to move them through a relationship journey where you have to explain your feelings after different dates and meetings.

The same method implies to the case of a customer.

So, what exactly does a marketing campaign contains?

An ideal marketing campaign has two steps:

  • Content (the vehicle): Branding Video
  • Traffic Source (the road): Facebook video view campaign

Let’s learn about the different stages of the customer value journey and how various marketing campaigns we can implement to satisfy different steps of this journey.

Eight stages of the Customer Value Journey:

Stage 1: Aware

Awareness stage of funnel

This is the first stage of the customer value journey where your ideal customer sees your Ad and get informed about your products and services through referral.

The campaign goal for this stage is to move a customer from the awareness stage to the engagement stage. You need to aware of the audience about your content, which one can do through a branding video.

You can then use this video to run campaign ads on Facebook, where the call of action is to watch that video.

Campaign Goal: Aware to Engage

Content: Branding video

Traffic Source: Facebook video view campaign

Call to Action: Watch this video!

Stage 2: Engage

Engagement stage of Funnel

Engagement is the second phase in the funnel. In this stage, the prospect absorbs your content.

For example, he/she watches a video on your channel, reads your blog post, engage on your social media handles, etc.

The goal for the engagement stage is to move a customer to a subscription stage where he subscribes for your free offer after engaging with your content.

Traffic sources for these will be Facebook ads, and the content could be a well-written blog post.

Incall to action, you have to encourage the reader to sign up for your lead magnet.

Campaign Goal: Engage to Subscribe

Content: Blog post

Traffic Source: Facebook

Call to Action: Sign up for great offers!

Stage 3: Subscribe

Subscribe stage of funnel

After engaging with your content, the prospect enters the subscription stage in which he gives his details like name, email ID, contact number, etc. to opt-in for a free product or service. Example- a subscription for weekly emails, an e-book, checklist, etc.

If someone subscribes to your lead magnet, you should push him to the conversion stage with the help of well-stitched email campaigns.

Here, the traffic source will be Google Ads because your Facebook Ads are for generating needs, and here, the customer already cruised through the above stages, and he already knew about you and your product.

Incall to action, you can offer them some discount or an exclusive offer on their first order.

Campaign Goal: Subscribe to Convert

Content: Email copy and creative

Traffic Source: Google AdWords

Call to Action: Exclusive Offer! 25% Off on the first purchase.

Stage 4: Convert

Conversion is the fourth level in the Customer Value Journey funnel in which your customer makes a small purchase to get a high-value product.

The campaign goal of this stage is to move a customer from subscribing to convert via a sales page. The traffic source is the Facebook messenger, and the call to action could be to buy something.

Campaign Goal: Subscribe to Convert

Content: A sales page

Traffic Source: Facebook Messenger

Call to Action: Buy tickets for the exclusive webinar.

Stage 5: Excite

excite stage of customer value journey funnel

What happens when you like the product you ordered? You get excited! This excitement exactly happens in the fifth stage of the funnel, where your ideal customer gets excited after receiving the immense value from the initial transaction.

This period is about moving the customer back down to the engagement stage. The goal here is to keep the customer into the monthly subscription stage. The content could be a physical welcome packet that you can send the customers via mail for the monthly subscription for which they have just signed up.

The call to action could be to ask them to introduce themselves to your private Facebook group. Our primary focus is to keep them excited after they make the purchase.

Campaign Goal: Excite to Engage

Content: Welcome packet

Traffic Source: Direct mail (physical shipping)

Call to Action: Visit our Facebook group and introduce yourself.

Stage 6: Ascend

ascend stage of customer value journey funnel

This is the sixth stage where you offer different things to ascend them in your value journey. For example, you provide your core product, or some upsell, and people are obliged to purchase it because of the value you provided in the low-ticket offer.

The campaign goal is to move your customers from excite to ascend stage. If someone is purchasing a product from you, you can ask them to buy an upsell product (same product in large amounts at a low price).

The content could be a verbal script if you are selling a product offline. Traffic source is human to human, and the call to action could be to buy X at Y price.

Campaign Goal: Excite to Ascend

Content: Verbal script

Traffic Source: Human to human

Call to Action: Buy the bundle pack just at $49.

Stage 7: Advocate

advocate stage of customer value journey funnel

This is the most exciting phase in the funnel, where your customers become your advocates. They give testimonials and case studies in which they are saying beautiful things about your brand, which increases your authenticity in the market.

The goal here is to move your customer from advocate to excite through email copy and creative. The traffic source is of course email, and the call to action could be to write a review and show your passion for 10% off on the next purchase or next monthly subscription renewal.

Campaign Goal: Advocate to Excite

Content: Email copy and creative

Traffic Source: Email

Call to Action: Write a review

Stage 8: Promote

promote stage of value journey funnel

This is the last level of the value journey in which your customers start doing your marketing for free. They like your products and services and refer them to their family and friends. Promote is the stage where you get free traffic because of the value you have provided in the previous stages of the funnel.

The goal of this stage is to persuade customers to promote your product. You can start a referral program for this in which you can inform people through emails. The call of action could be to refer a member to buy your product, and they will receive an x% incentive if someone opted-in from their referral link.

Here, you just have to entice people to promote your brand to get people to this promoter stage.

Campaign Goal: Promote

Content: Referral program

Traffic Source: Email

Call to Action: Refer and receive Rs. 250 amazon gift-card.

These are the crucial stages to move a prospect through a customer value journey where an imminent person turns into a loyal brand lover and promoter.

Pro Tip: If you can’t run a campaign for each stage, you should have at least ONE marketing campaign for every THREE steps of the journey.

I hope that this blog post has shed some light on what a customer value journey is, how it functions in a business and how specific market campaigns you could start to think of; to be fit in each of these stages.

So, can you implement these stages in your relationships as well?

Ten un buen día!

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Shruti Dugar
4 months ago

A very comprehensive & insightful post. You depicted the funnel journey aptly. Though customers differ, the process is same for any business, both online & offline.