Digital Marketing Internship Program (Digital Deepak): Review

Deepak Kanakaraju

Deepak Kanakaraju has started a Digital Marketing Internship Program which is like a revolution in the Indian marketing Industry. Institutes are teaching Digital Marketing everywhere but what if you get 10X times the learning in 1/4th of the price?

I am pleased to be part of the first batch of Digital Marketing Internship Program and here, I am going to share my experience after completing half of the program.


online marketing internship

I did a certification course in Digital Marketing from a famed institute for which I had paid around Rs. 45k. They helped me in clearing my basics but could I declare myself as a Digital Marketer after that course? Probably not!

They helped me in clearing my basics but yeah, those were just the basics. You can’t retain anything if you don’t enact your learnings on your own.

What one does in a Marketing institute?

There are multiple dimensions in Digital Marketing such as SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads, WordPress, Lead Generation which can confuse anyone and in institutes they just want to complete the course as soon as possible.

Due to the compact class schedule, you won’t get much time to implement the learnings and in the end, you felt like Digital Marketing doesn’t work.

You usually go to an institute, overwhelm with the learnings, make some notes, try some minor stuff and forget about it. Later on, you consider yourself an expert but what happens when you have to execute some projects for your clients or company?

You stuck, no one is there to answer your queries and bang! I can see, you just lost a potential client.

Why is this Marketing Internship program unique?

This is a well-planned program where you get paid more than you have invested to learn Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing internship money credit
Credit for the first assignment

Isn’t it amazing?

This is a 3 months program where you will get live weekly lessons from the man himself, Deepak Kanakaraju aka Digital Deepak.

After each lecture, you will get a project related to your learnings and guess what? You will get paid after you complete your assignment.

To keep you motivated, the payment will increase with each assignment you will submit.

I was stimulated when I got my first assignment and the incentives pushed me to complete the assignment before time.

The story does not end here, if you complete all the assignments, you will end up acquiring more than you paid for the internship program.

What will you learn in this Digital Marketing Internship?

digital marketing internship program

When I joined the program, I thought that I will learn all the odds and ends of Digital Marketing at a little advance level but the first few classes blew me!

He taught about the Market and Marketing research before getting deep into Digital Marketing. I was planning to do an MBA in marketing but after these few lectures, I dropped the plan because I might not learn anything new in the MBA college after completing this Internship Program.

This is overwhelming. Whenever you face any problem, there is a whole community to help you out.

I have completed multiple courses in marketing both online and offline but the quality I am getting here is beyond the explanation.

In just one month, I learned about:

  • What is market research?
  • How to find your target customer?
  • What is Customer Avatar and how to define it?
  • How to do copywriting?
  • What is personal branding and why it is important?
  • How you can create a landing page via paid and free tools?
  • What is the process of creating a self-hosted website?
  • How one can sell a product through the landing page?
  • He helped me in enhancing my writing skills.

Initially, I was afraid to face the camera but, in an assignment, I was forced to record my video. I was procrastinating but after finishing that recording I felt so good and confident.

In the institute, I was oblivious to Artificial Intelligence tools, but here, he taught us how to do automation through these tools. This is insane.


I don’t feel that you will ever get to learn something like this in any institute. This is just a trailer; more is yet to come.

Financing in this program is one of the best investments I did until now. It is not an investment, actually, I am going to earn back more by this program itself.

If you are getting trained by the top-notch Digital Marketer of the country, on the name of assignments if you get to work on your business projects and if you get more than what you have invested with the tremendous quality of teaching then definitely you should not miss this gem opportunity to be a guaranteed Digital Marketing expert.

Happy Marketing!

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Nakshtra nigam
Nakshtra nigam
7 months ago


swarnim sujata
swarnim sujata
5 months ago

Extremely informative for those who want set up their career in digital marketing .