Get Job Ready With Personal Branding

job ready with personal branding

Personal branding is booming in the corporate and job industry. The increase in competition makes it obligatory having a personal brand to get a good package.

According to, 75% of HR departments are required to search for job applicants online and 85% of US recruiters accepted that the employee’s online reputation influences their hiring decisions to some extent.

You are not the only one facing the problem of getting a splendid package but you can have an edge over your competitors with a good personal brand.


Let’s dive deep into it…

What is Personal Branding?

In simple words, it is a practice of marketing yourself and your career as a brand. It is a unique combination of your experience, attitude, and skills that you want people to see in you.

The way you represent information, perform on situations, take a stand on something or even share any story, that’s what makes you a brand.

Why is Personal Branding Important For a Job?

personal branding

Have you ever imagined, how many job proposals an HR gets for the same work profile each day?

You might have to compete with hundreds of people to land with a good package.

But remember the common interview question, why should we hire you? How are you different from those hundred people waiting outside to prove themselves?

Here comes the need of personal branding where you can differentiate yourself from others.

Qualifications and certifications don’t help these days as the market is flooded with such candidates.

Google is there to help with the theoretical knowledge but a firm needs a candidate who knows how to enact those learnings.

Here comes the need for a personal brand with which you can become the influencer in your niche.


Step 1: Find your target audience.

First, you have to analyze who you want to target. If everyone is your audience then no one is your audience. Define your customer avatar by scrutinizing the demographic and psychographic of your target audience.

Since you are developing your brand for a job perspective, list down the name of the companies where you want to work < track down the HR of those firms on LinkedIn and check their profile.

Try to study their psychographic and what sort of candidate they are looking for. Do some quality research.

Step 2: Write your core values.

Inscribe down who you are and what do you want to share with your earmarked audience. Define your niche and sub-niches and try to build a committee of real people whom you can deliver value.

Keep yourself real both online and offline as people love to connect with genuine people. If you try to be someone else, it is hard to manage and you will end up ruining your personality.

Overwhelm your audience, care for them in real and invite them to your space. If you will focus on providing values for free, money and fame will follow you. This will boost up your personal brand.

Step 3: Pick 2 Social Media platforms.

social media

There are so many platforms that can easily overwhelm you.

So, which channels are suitable for personal branding if you’re targeting a job?

Select any 2 social media channels having the following criteria:

Long-form of content: These are the channels where you can add a long-form of content depending on your skills and capabilities. Ex- Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

High engagement: These are the channels where you can get a high engaging audience. Ex- TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Pro Tip: Analyze where your target audience is and then tackle that channel without caring for the number of likes and followers. Focus on adding values and always favor a quality audience that will support you in the long run.

Step 4: Start Blogging


You can’t be a personal brand without sharing written content that people can scroll.

Most of the people emphasize on the website content of a brand.

In an interview, you can show your website to the recruiters. It will manifest that apart from having theoretical knowledge, you also have the practical experience to execute things.

Start a self-hosted website with your name as the domain name (or the name of your choice) and blog at least once a week.

Step 5: Have consistent color schemes:

Design a logo of your website and stay consistent with the color patterns across all the channels of your personal brand.

If you are serious about your personal branding then dress in the same color schemes if you are in a public event or gathering. You should reflect on your brand or vice-versa. This is a crucial step for personal branding.

Tips for Personal Branding:

Tip 1: Find your story- your skill sets, achievements, and vision. Make everything clear at the start.

Tip 2: Make a habit of doing keyword research and analyze the competition at the start.

Tip 3: You can have a custom email ID and brand identity in handy.

Tip 4: Prepare some small measurable goals. Focus on generating 10% more traffic each month.

Tip 5: If you are going to write any topic or blog, check Quora and Facebook groups to inspect what your audience is talking about. Create the content on similar topics and boom! You will get a high reach.

Tip 6: Genuinely care for your onlookers. Reply to each and every comment and try to help them as much as you can.

Awareness to Fame:

Fame Pyramid
Personal Branding

Awareness: Aware people about your presence through social media channels and blogging.

Credibility: Earn some credibility in the market by doing some freelancing work or just help people for free. You can have some testimonials, case studies and reviews to showcase on your website.

Reputation: You will earn a reputation after getting credibility from online and mouth to mouth marketing.

Fame: After having a reputation, you will get the opportunity to speak at conferences and events which eventually lead you to a famed world and lifestyle.


A personal brand makes everything 10X easier. Take some time out and analyze who you really are and how can you help others in being an expert (you are already an expert if you implement all the steps). Always be consistent with whatever you are going to do and soon, you won’t have to send your resume to get hired…

You will get an invitation to be part of that firm or maybe you don’t even need to do the job. 😉

So, are you ready to land in your dream job through personal branding?

Show your commitment below!

Good Luck!!

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Sakshi Arora
7 months ago

Incredible piece of knowledge, trick and tips on personal branding. I was planning to do personal branding, but was anxious on some key points. This blog built up my confidence level.