At Last, the Secret to Grow A Personal Brand on Instagram Is Revealed

How to grow personal brand on Instagram

Instagram is growing day by day. There are over 1 billion active users on Instagram, which makes it essential for the business to mark their presence on this social media channel.

It’s not hidden that; 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day.

So, how can we create a personal brand and grow on Instagram?

Even if we grow a personal brand, how can we get quality leads? Do you know the process?

Recently, I got an excellent opportunity to interview Avi Arya, Gaurav Gurbaxani, and Neha Arora, who are pioneers in the Instagram field. Let’s hear directly from them!

Avi Arya

Avi arya and Rishabh Mudgal on growing brand on Instagram

Avi Arya is a father of two girls and six dogs; a streetcar racer turned hotelier turned Social Media Influencer having a verified account with around 40k followers.

He is named amongst the top 25 influencers by Influencive ranked as one of the top 100 digital icons of the region by Impact Magazine and credited to create 100 million-dollar revenues for his clients.

Q1. How can one create a personal brand and grow on Instagram?

It is easy to create a personal brand on any Social Media Channel. Follow these tips to grow your brand and Instagram account.

  • Hero Introduction:

I am Avi Arya, father of 2 girls, six dogs, husband to a superwoman, streetcar racer turned Hotelier, now founder of Internet Moguls.

How will people comment on this introduction?

They will interact when you mention that I am going to work with three people. Comment below who needs my help!

  • Do Giveaways:

I came across this cool book on Digital Marketing by XYZ. I want to share this book with someone keen to learn marketing. Do you know anyone with whom I can share this cool resource?

Ask as this and people will respond.

  • Tell Stories:

Tell people some exciting stories and break them into pieces.

Let me tell you a story. I was in the car with my father, and I ask him to reveal a random truth.

He was like which truth?

I said, let me admit something. I used to bet on cricket. He said he didn’t know that I love cricket this much.

Then he revealed something which shocked me!

You know what? Wait for my next post tomorrow.

In this way, your readers will be bound to check your next post.

  • Ask their opinion:

Tell them something which happened to you and ask for their advice. They will surely give suggestions and ideas.

  • Keep on creating new content and engage with your audience. This process will improve your brand and influence.

Q2. How can they generate quality leads through the same?

There is a simple formula for this:

Know > Like > Trust > Buy

When you tell them stories, they will get to know you.

When you interact with them, people will connect with you because of which they will like you.

This connection will build trust, and then you can reveal that you sell this product or service, and they will buy from you!

Good Luck!


Gaurav Gurbaxani and Rishabh Mudgal on growing personal brand on IG

Gaurav is an expert digital marketer, consultant, and speaker who is aware of the latest developments in Social Media Marketing and how SMEs can leverage the use of Social Media to improve the number of leads received vis-a-vis traditional marketing.

For the past 15 years, Gaurav has helped businesses find their voice and amplify their message online. Digital Marketing comes naturally to him with his experience of working with different sectors.

Q1. How can one create a personal brand and grow on Instagram?

There are so many things which people can do to grow their IG account:

Be consistent with your posts and timings.

Be authentic with your content. Post genuine and valuable content.

Add Value: Make sure that your content adds value to the life of others.

Use Hashtags: Make the appropriate use of Hashtags to grow the reach.

Use Instagram Stories: Insta stories are booming. They are the best way to reach your audience.

Use IGTV videos to publish long content.

Do joint partnerships with Influencers: Collaboration with micro and macro-influencers will boost your audience.

Do Paid Ads to boost attention.

Ask Questions: Whatever you are posting, make sure to ask a question at the end.

Example: If you are publishing a post on your five favorite tools, ask them which is their ideal tool.

Run a Contest: People loves to participate in contest and giveaways. Try to run competitions for some good followers count.

Q2. How can they generate quality leads through the same?

Create an Opt-in Page for your product or service and target people through Paid Ads. Do proper targeting and you will surely get some quality leads.

Good Luck, Mate! I hope this helps.

Neha Arora

neha arora

Neha is a Digital Marketer and entrepreneur. She is a Social Media Marketing expert who has helped 1000+ Entrepreneurs, Agencies, and Freelancers through her marketing services and Instagram Viraleze Course.

Q1. How can one create a personal brand and grow on Instagram?

One first should decide their niche. For Example, in my case, my Instagram niche is entrepreneurship and motivation. My priority is entrepreneurship, but sometimes I do also post motivational content and Digital Marketing because that’s also a pivotal part of going on the same journey.

You can also add personalized images for personal branding on Instagram. I don’t post such images, but it depends on you. According to your niche, you can create personified images with some quotes, or you can do that along with your brand.

Q2. How can we generate quality leads through the same?

To answer this question, let’s take an example of my niche.

So, my niche is Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I am creating valuable content on this niche and people are following me for that content.

To get quality leads, I will create a lead magnet which could be a free E-book related to Digital Marketing. Then, I will create a lead form in which, the interested people will sign-up. These will be qualified and generic leads because they all are related to my niche.

The key is to find a niche, post consistently, and people will automatically connect to you. You can also organize a contest, and do free giveaways through which you will grab the audience, followers and quality leads.

I hope I gave you the best answers as I could. Good Luck!


It was a great experience talking to these leading experts. In essence, to grow a personal brand on Instagram, one should select a niche first.

Then one can post authentic, valuable content to grow their audience size through consistent posts, IG stories, IG TV and Paid Ads.

You can engage with your onlookers by asking them questions, suggestions, and free giveaways. A hero story will help in creating an emotional bond with your followers.

After getting a good reach, you can create a lead magnet and an opt-in form to collect the email IDs, which you can use to sell high ticket products through email marketing.

I hope you have enjoyed these valuable tips, which will help you in growing your business and personal brand on Instagram.

So, which is your favorite Instagram growth hack? Let me know in the comments below!

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Anusha Ganesan
5 months ago

Amazing content, Rishabh! The best part is content here is actionable. So anyone applying these strategies will see results for sure!

Shruti Dugar
5 months ago

You write so well!
Even I have been procrastinating about my IG game, I will implement these tips you shared and definitely share my feedback if it worked 😛

5 months ago

Wow! you have incorporated lot of strategies of those influencers who are generating leads which follows sales on steroids. Just awesome.

Anurag Yadav
4 months ago

Very good article on Instagram growth hacks. Eachone of these suggestions will definitely help in growing social media following✌️.