How Customer Avatar can keep you out of trouble? : Internship Class 2

customer avatar selection


Digital marketing is not an easy task. You must define your Customer Avatar to indulge people in your products and services.

It was a busy Christmas eve when I got an email that my internship class is going to begin in less than an hour. Butterflies in the stomach were curious to know the next assignment.

With a little focus, I got to hear the voice of Deepak sir who wanted us to meditate for a minute to be grateful for the things we have today! A good life, a good internet connection and he forgot to mention an “amazing trainer”. 😊

As expected, the session started with an appraisal for the good completion rate of the foregoing assignment. The positive pressure was encouraging us to complete the assignment as soon as possible.

I remember the last class after which we got a text that the first 3 submissions will be rewarded and that text made me settled that assignment at 3:30 a.m. Nice move sir!

Now, coming back to the takeaways I got with that astonishing second lecture.

Distraction, the killer:

customer avatar on phone

Distraction is more harmful to the brain than drugs. A simple text on the road can prone you to the accident and the nastier will happen when you miss an important point in the lecture.

Golden Triangle of Learning:

golden triangle

When we learn something new, the new information gets disperse in our minds as puzzles. The best way to crystallize the learning is by doing it at your end and then by teaching it to others.

Learn > Do > Teach

Importance of mistakes:

A toddler can’t walk fitly unless he tries and fails repeatedly.

No one is perfect, just get things done and the things will fall automatically to the place.

In other words, don’t compare yourself to others and let your personality shine! Try to learn from mistakes and always give your best.

Good conversation:

Good conversation is always stressed out as the pedestal of a good marketer because when you know the problem, only then you can make efforts to solve it.

We can indeed converse one to one, only then we can expect the confidence to lead a huge audience.

Authenticity is the key:

niche target

Each day we got many emails and advertisements on Facebook regarding different marketing courses. We chose Deepak sir atop others because of his authenticity. People are tired of fake people who kept on bragging their forgery success.

You can’t get long-term success with this method as everyone is attracted to something or someone real. Don’t lose your real charm, precisely to impress others.

Who is a better marketer?

A better marketer is one who has experienced life. A person who knows about different places, cultures, languages, lifestyles can communicate in a better way in contrast to someone who is just visualizing those people in mind while designing a campaign.

Whatever you want to achieve is on the other side of fear.

Therefore, do solo traveling, have fun, learn new languages, learn music. Always try to do something new!!

Customer Avatar:

customer avatar

According to Deepak sir,

If everyone is your audience, no one is your audience.

Substantial marketers never join a new conversation, they just join the strings of an old conversation in the mind of their earmarked customer.

How can you do that?

Well, you need to learn the demographics (age, gender, country, area, etc.) and psychographics (psychology) of your targeted customer. You have to dive into his/her mind to extract every single information: the things he likes, things he hates, what are his fears, how does he think and so on.

The deeper you go, the clearer will be the idea. You can make a phone call, meet your potential audience or can survey them using some free tools like Google Forms.

Focus on Center:

fire ring

Your ideal customer lies in the nucleus of your audience circle, not on borders. After surveying him, write the content to affix with his mind.

Imagine, your target wants to be a content writer. When you will apprise him about the benefits of a content writer, how you reach that stage and how you can help him get to that renowned level, he will get convert for sure.

Hence, defining your target audience and surveying them can give you a comprehensible idea concerning what and for whom you have to write.

My Customer Avatar:

target audience

I have conferred with 5 random people and found the following results: [Form link]

1. Most of the participants are in their Twenties.

2. The majority of them are not earning anything and want to enhance their skills for a job or freelancing.

3. Two of them specially indicated that they want to learn Digital Marketing in the upcoming year.

4. They are above average in education and are highly active on social media.

5. They prefer to get socialize on weekends and favor to spend money with the utmost care.

With these and some other personal responses, I know which cord in their mind I have to nudge and how I can convert them into my loyal customers.


The session with Digital Deepak can never bore you. After every session, you feel blessed to have such a great mentor in your life. Defining customer avatar can soothe our job of getting high grade leads. Hence, it can keep you out of trouble.

Learning and implementing the teachings from communication skills to describing the customer avatar is going to be the mainstay in my journey of becoming a better marketer.

The graduation party in Bangalore is the cherry on the cake! Flying down to Bangalore to meet my mentor and colleagues is going to be astounding.

Curious, energetic and excited for the coming surprises.

Happy marketing!

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